Friday, October 30, 2015


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Saturday, October 17, 2015

HashOcean Bitcoin Mining Free


What do I need to start mining?

It’s necessary to create an account using your email address. Then you should check your email and log on by using the received data. As soon as you enter the site you get 15 Kh/s and your mining starts. You can control the statistics of earned crypto-currency every day on the Transaction page. If you like the productivity of this service you can purchase the powers on the Buy page.

How can I purchase the powers?

If you want to make an acquisition it’s necessary for you to have a Bitcoin-wallet. We recommend you to create this wallet via the service But you can also create your wallet by any other convenient way. You can find out more about Bitcoin-wallet on the site
Thereafter you can choose desired volume of purchase and pay it via your Bitcoin-wallet.

How long can I use purchased powers?

When you purchase the powers you have them on a continuing basis. Even when you repay expenditures the purchased powers are continuing working. Besides, you can always take your hardware back. Learn more.

Can I have my money back if I don’t like something?

Of course you can. We also give 100% of your investments back without any fees. Learn more.

Can I use my hardware on your service?

The main priorities for us are high earning power, low power consumption and stable operation. For this reason we are using video card Radeon R9 280X in our data centres. If you have the similar video cards we are ready to accept them after the full diagnostics. To order the diagnostics please call our Service desk using the contact details on the Support page. You should specify the full name of the card as well as the purchase date.

How can I get the profit?

As long as you have the amount no less than 0.005 BTC you will get the payment daily and automatically. If you don’t want to get payments automatically but to store them to purchase additional powers you can choose the relevant payment mode.

Why do I get payment in BTC?

To ensure the high earning power our hardware mines different types of crypto-currency at the same time. Then our specialists exchange them for Bitcoin on the best terms. We could have made payments in different crypto-currencies but in this case our users would have to make an exchange on their own and for the most part the final earning power could be way below.

Why do we measure purchased powers in Kh/s?

As long as we use video cards for mining it is generally agreed to measure their capacity in Kh/s. In fact, the productivity of video cards can be measured according to their cryptographic algorithm. For the capacity rating of video cards we use Scrypt algorithm.

What does “700 Kh/s = 1 Unit” mean?

We have introduced a concept of a “Unit” by which we understand the video card Radeon R9 280 X Gigabyte (GV-R928XOC-3GD) that has productivity around 700 Kh/s.  From there, if the total capacity is 2 800 Kh/s we consider this as a combined working process of 4 video cards. And if we have your request for hardware purchasing you will get 4 video cards Radeon R9 280X Gigabyte (GV-R928XOC-3GD). Learn more.

How do you get the profit if we don’t pay you but just buy the hardware?

Yes, our customers just get the hardware at wholesale. But our profit is 10% of daily earning power and we get this profit as a result of exchanging crypto-currencies for Bitcoin. Therefore the earning power of the service is shown with our profit that we earn by exchanging crypto-currencies.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dagger Hash Ltd. - Cloud Mining

Dagger Hash incorporated in the USA as Dagger Hashing Ltd. Our company is part of a large private crypto currency investment consortium, with roots in Europe and China. We are the only members involved in offering a service to the public through cloud mining and we take great pride in having gone the extra mile in the spirit of global financial freedom.
The idea behind the mine started in May 2015 and by the end of November we were ready to begin deploying the necessary infrastructure. The full setup was ready in October and by the end of the month everything was already working at peak efficiency. We have been continually expanding and fine-tuning our hardware base since, in order to be able to provide the most reliable and profitable cloud mining experience for our clients.

Cloud Mining Contracts


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